remodeling design

You can be at peace when your house truly feels like home. But sometimes your home just needs a little change. It could be a bathroom you’ve always wanted to renovate, a kitchen in desperate need of an overhaul, or an entire floor you’re ready to rearrange. Whatever it is, Choice Builders has the skill and experience to help guide you through the remodel process.

The Process

While a remodel shares some similarities with a new construction project, it does require a different approach. Here’s how a remodel with Choice Builders goes.

1. We meet and plan.

We start by meeting at your house and learning what it is you want to do. From there, we use our experience and vision to share ideas, discuss options, and help clarify what can and can’t be done within your budget.

2. We design.

After that, we design the remodel. This involves drawing up the new plans and making sure it’s exactly what you’re hoping for.

3. we price out the project.

Next we price out the project and line up our team. At Choice Builders we pride ourselves on working with high-quality professionals you can trust to do the job with integrity.

4. we get to work.

Once the right pieces are in place, our team does what it does best—get to work. We do our best to be in and out as quickly as possible. Our focus is making progress while serving you in a friendly, professional way.

5. you love your new space.

When the work is done, you get to enjoy the results of your vision, careful planning, and a commitment to doing the job right. And we get to enjoy how satisfied you are with your project.

the choice builders difference

One thing a lot of contractors won’t tell you is that a remodel can be invasive. People are in your home, doing work, sometimes without you there. But when Choice Builders helps with your remodel, you can trust us completely to treat your home with respect.


Along with that commitment, you’ll also get:

  • Careful attention to quality. From the big picture to the little details, we make sure everything exceeds the standard—even if it takes a little extra effort on our part.

  • A better customer experience. We believe exceptional communication makes every project smoother. We keep you informed along every step of the process. You can also trust that Choice Builders has your best interest in mind with each choice we make. Because when you’re happy, we’re happy.

  • Total transparency. Our transparency sets us apart from a lot of other custom builders. The way we bid is transparent. The way we price projects is transparent. And you get copies of every invoice and receipt, so you know exactly where your dollars are going.

  • A truly professional team. Some builders get bids for subcontractors and just pick the cheapest option so they can pocket whatever money is left. You get our promise that our goal will always be quality over extra profit. We strategically pick our teams to ensure your custom home is built to the highest possible standard.

So if you’re ready to take on the remodel that will make your house feel even more like home, contact us today [link to Contact page] and start your project. We’re ready when you are.